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Staying Informed on Healthcare Reform

Staying Informed on Healthcare ReformStaying Informed on Healthcare Reform

One of our favorite carriers just left this in our email box. This explains a few things coming down the line for health insurance policies nationwide. As part of the  “Healthcare Reform” legislation, carriers must provide uniform summaries of benefits regarding health insurance coverage nationwide, starting later this year.

This is definitely a good thing. For most, health insurance benefit summaries are hard enough to read as is. With a uniform system, it will be much easier to understand across the board and provide a uniform look, which will hopefully result in less confusion for consumers. However, be noted that carriers are not required to disclose premium information as part of the summary of benefits. While on first glace, this may seem like a bad thing, it will actually help eliminate confusion even more by making sure that premiums are discussed in real-time, as they can change rather suddenly from a number of factors.

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