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My CEO Interview – Why I Do What I Do

This month I had the pleasure of spending some time with Terry Pappy of Better3 here in Orlando, FL. We met a few

Kyle A. Davis Owner and Founder of Integrity Financial Group

years back when I was first getting started in the business. She is a real guru when it comes to business marketing and coaching.

She gave me a great opportunity to really share my story. I usually don’t get a chance for this kind of thing unless I’m face to face with someone, so I was really excited when she asked me for the interview.


Click here to hear the interview of Kyle Davis by. Terry Pappy


Speaking with Terry gave me a chance to reflect on why I am in this business. I’m here to help people. It’s that simple. We live in a world on constant noise where it’s really easy to get sucked in by half-truths or misinformation from a clearly biased sources. I love helping people cut through the noise and deliver clear cut unique ideas that REALLY get the job done. I try to make it easy on people. Financial planning really can be a no-fail proposition if you’re working with the correct strategies.

Enjoy, and special shout out to Terry! Thanks again!

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