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Financial Planning – The Lunch Story

Hi everyone! This is Kyle Davis financial advisor with Integrity Financial Group. We are an independent financial planning firm in Orlando, FL. Most of the time when I write these blog posts it’s because I want to cover a lesson – a piece of financial planning knowledge that might benefit a certain demographic of people. Today I thought of something out of the blue, and it kind of took on a life of its own. A topic that applies to EVERYONE, I don’t care who you are.

I was on Facebook during lunch one day last week and, being the nerd that I am, I finished eating and got my calculator out. I wrote the following post that  has been getting numerous comments and feedback. I was thinking about the cost of the lunch I had brought from home today, and the post went like this:

The strangest things run by my brain during lunch…
Cost to bring lunch from home today – $2.50
Cost to eat lunch out around my office – $7-$9 (Split it and say $8)

I work around 48 weeks a year, M-F (5 days x 48 weeks = 240)

Bring lunch from home every day (2.50 x 240 = $600/yr)
Eat out every day (8 x 240 = $1920/yr)
Realistically, I eat out once and bring lunch 4 times in a week ( 192 days x 2.50 and 48 days x $8 = $864/yr)

It costs me $864 a year to eat lunch. I spend $1,056 a year LESS than the guy who eats out every day, and I still get fed, same as him, probably with less calories.

I’ll be 30 this year. If I took $,1056 a year starting at age 30 and put it away earning just 5% compounding APR until age 65…do you know how much I’d have?

I WOULD HAVE $95,378.


Just for bringing my lunch 4 days and treating myself once a week, I would have $95,378 and the guy who ate out every day wouldn’t.

Enjoy your lunch 🙂

A little food for thought…no pun intended. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that we do every day that causes us to lose out on so much down the road financially… can you imagine what else is out there that may be affecting your future? If eating lunch can have THAT much impact on our overall financial picture, than what else are you missing?

This is what I do folks, and I’m here to help. Think about this.

What is causing YOU to lose out on future dollars?
I did a video on this topic last year, and you can find it here.
It was actually the first one I ever did, way back when.

I hope this little bit of no-nonsense lunchtime math has helped you in some way.

All the best from Orlando, FL!


Kyle A. Davis

Integrity Financial Group

9161 Narcoossee Road Suite 210

Orlando, FL 32827

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