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The FRS Investment Plan - Advice Matters

As of right now there are 22 investment choices inside the FRS investment plan. 11 asset class choices, and 11 target date retirement funds (the plan's default investment funds). What FRS also has available for you is something not too many people know about. You may have heard of it, but I doubt anyone's ever explained it. It's called the "Self-Directed Brokerage Account" (SDBA) within FRS. It allows participants to use thousands of other approved funds and investment choices in the FRS investment plan. Also what it allows you to do is work directly with an advisor and obtain independent personalized investment advice specifically tailored for you and your situation, all within your pre-existing FRS account. That means no rollover, no taxable distribution, no new login, no new statement. Everything is exactly as is except now you can actually get help.

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